The Cost of a Sub

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in Rob's Blog

As a rule I prefer to make my own subs on the fairly rare occasions that I have them. Lot of bread for a guy who dines out 5-6 time a week.

But I do occasionally get subs out and it seems that not that long ago, you could get a large turkey sub in Austin in the $5-6 range. You still can if you head for Jimmy Johns, Thundercloud or Subway. All produce subs in the $5-7 price range. This includes meat, cheese, veggies, dressings, et al. You can even get a turkey on a baguette at Sweetish Hill for $7.50 plus tax. [The special one on Friday with the avocado is at $8.50..but it rocks!]. Firehouse Subs comes in a bit higher at $8.69 plus tax for the large turkey.

But then as your quest continues, hold on to your credit card because the price takes a big jump. Which Wich comes in at $12 plus tax as does Jersey Mike’s. These subs appear to be about the same size or a bit larger than the lesser priced versions, I would not though, by any stretch, call them monstrous. Not surprisingly, the most expensive turkey sub, and probably the largest as well is the Delaware Subs version which comes in at $14.40, more than double the cost of a Jimmy Johns or TCloud.

That’s an unusual price range to find in a product that has all the same basic components. Delaware argues that their bread is the best, hence the rationale for the large price tag [turkey is one of their cheaper ones]. And they are pretty big. But frankly I think all of the pricier sub shops are asking a bit much. I like them all, but not at those prices.

That being said I’ll wait for Friday and trek down to Sweetish Hill for the turkey and avocado special. It’s one of the more unique subs in town. As for the rest, well, I’m not sure that the “you get what you pay for” adage really does apply.