Jezebel Reported Closed, But Internet Rumors Prove False

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in Closings, Openings

Okay, here’s the deal. Initial reports that Restaurant Jezebel has closed are not correct. The story now is that they are open, but that the space remains available for lease.

Either way, that doesn’t sound promising. Upon their opening, we pointed out that their mandatory jackets-only for men probably wasn’t the best idea for laid-back Austin. But Parind Vora’s velvet touch on this tiny restaurant made that, in my opinion, a moot point. I suspect the biggest problem was that Jezebel was just too tiny. Tough to generate significant cash flow from those few tables.

They may be moving to a different location, but that remains to be seen. The situation is the same for sister restaurant Tapasitas (formerly Bar Mirabeau). Both could be gone or moved in a few months. Commercial broker Michelle Gary has the listing, and I’ll keep in touch with her so that all our readers have accurate updates.

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