Green Mesquite

Posted by on Nov 19, 2010 in Barbecue, Downtown, Family, Reviews, South
9900 S. IH-35, Ste. #M700
Austin, TX 78748
(512) 282-7100
1400 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 479-0485
Daily: 11am-2pm
Daily: 6pm-10pm

There’s a new version of one of my old favorites at South Park Meadows, the gigantic strip mall which begins at Slaughter and S. IH 35 and goes on for what seems like a few miles. Down at the south end, adjacent to the cinema, is a sparkling, shiny replication of Barton Springs perennial favorite, The Green Mesquite.

The old Green Mesquite has been around so long that you can smell the accumulated aromas of BBQ in every nook and cranny of the joint. The new one here at Southpark may lack the historic cachet of the old spot, but there’s only one arbiter that really matters. And that’s the food.

And Green Mesquite at Southpark brings it! I started with a steaming bowl of Bubba’s Chopped Beef Chili. I’ve been doing a lot of judging at Chili festivals lately and this version would be right up among the top contenders. The beef is tender, the cheese mellow, the onions piquant, and the pinto beans provide the right accent! Likewise the 4 Meat BBQ Plate is as good as ever. I had the Pork Ribs, Chicken, Sausage and Pulled Pork with a side of slaw and Fried Okra. The pulled pork, moist as all get out, was the star, but everything was delicious.

We moved on to the Catfish Plate after that, and even my wife Marge, a well-known catfish snob loved it. I mean take a look: four pieces of corn-fed and farm raised Catfish with fries and scrumptious Hugh Puppies. No bottom-feeding tatstes here: just pristine Catfish. And I love the low carb Jambalaya. This is the classic Creole dish of Louisiana with Chicken, Sausage, Turkey, Ham, Celery, Basil, Green Peppers, Onions, amd Cayenne Pepper. Hold the rice and you have the low carb version. Very, very tasty.

And the Smoked Wing Plate never fails to disappoint. This is one full pound of juicy, smoky, and lip-smacking wings. Just have lots of napkins on hand, because as Uncle Tibadeaux would say, this is about “bidness.”

The sandwiches at the new Green Mesquite rival the old joint in every way. The simple yet profoundly personal Sausage Sandwich on a Bun evokes memories of a different, more laid back South. And the taste is spot on. The Green Mesquite Cheese Steak is a nod to the Philadelphia sandwich that has stormed the nation as of late. So they add a little pico de gallo to the mix at the Mesquite: it works for me. And the sliced Rib eye is tender and tasty. And don’t overlook the Green Mesquite burgers. The Cheeseburger is my favorite: the key being a beautifully fresh and moist roll. Eating this is as it should be: effortless.

One of these days, the brand spanking newness of Southpark Meadows will begin to fade. But for now don’t let the pristine conditions of the new Mesquite deter you. The food works every bit as well as the Barton Springs store, and in the end, that’s all that really counts!

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