900 RR 620 S., b108
Lakeway, TX 78734
(512) 263-3673
Sun: 10am-10pm
Mon-Wed: 11am-Midnight
Thu-Sat: 11am-2am



It’s not often in the restaurant business that one gets to actually follow one of their favorite chefs from Georgetown to Lakeway. But James Ramsey is now at the helm of the new Fore on RR 620 in Lakeway. The guy’s touch and imagination are quite remarkable, and his upscale American cuisine is approachable, accommodating, and it’s hitting on all cylinders. Fore itself is an inviting and highly comfortable environment: it’s the kind of place that indulges your need to stay awhile. And it’s got a great bar scene as well. Owners James and Ose have done great conceptual work here.

The appetizer menu at Fore is unique and extremely diverse. I actually got to watch James work through the creative process of his Mini Corn Dogs. And they are the bomb. The batter is understated, and the trio of sauces are a nice complement. The Jalapeno Tiger Shrimp are a version of the classic diablo with pepper wrapped bacon, but it’s the orange marmalade and the red chili sauce that really ramp up this tasty dish. And what American restaurant worth its NaCl would not offer Mac and Cheese? In Fore’s case though, we’re talking Cellentani noodles, truffles, and a truly decadent cheese sauce. Absolutely delicious. So it’s a few extra carbs: live a little! And new to the menu is a Grilled Duck Flatbread. Now look at this: smoked duck breast, capicola ham, roasted tomato sauce, basil and a blend of their Fore cheeses. This melange of flavor is why you follow James Ramsey. There is also a Spicy Roasted Corn and Poblano Bisque which I literally order every time I’m there. It’s topped with roasted corn and a sherry cream. This is not a soup: it’s a symphony! Amazing flavors.

Of course, there are burgers at Fore. And why not? Ramsey gets this authentic American art form. My favorite, which takes me back to the corner deli’s of my native New Haven, is the Italian Sausage burger. We’d call this a grinder back where I come from, but by any name it works with grilled Italian sausage, sauteed onions and peppers, a sweet bell pepper relish (nice touch) on a fresh, slightly toasted bun. This is one serious sandwich. Add a little chipotle mayo, and you are transported to a world of incredible flavors. Another favorite is the Jalapeno Burger. You want to talk about the flavor profile that emerges from house pickled jalapenos, roaring forties bleu cheese, diced pickles and ranch dressing? My friends, if Picasso had been a chef, he probably would have created something like this!

The entrées at Fore, as you might expect, feature some very nice dishes, each possessing that Ramsey touch. There are many versions of Coconut Shrimp around, but none served over creamy jalapeno grits and a decadent sweet orange and pepper sauce. I highly recommend this. The Root Beer Baby Back Ribs are a taste explosion: instant flavor rush from the Root Beer BBQ sauce, and the ribs are are so tender they would have made F. Scott Fitzgerald grope for new title. Beautiful dish. And the Southwest Grilled Pork Chop is classic: beautifully nuanced pork with a textural appeal and flavor appeal that just about make this irresistible. The chops are grilled with aplomb and the aftertastes just linger, delightfully so. And of course, no meal at Fore would be complete without the Chili Rubbed Ribeye Steak. This is 12 oz. of unbridled flavor topped with a roasted garlic and scallion butter sauce. Oh and did I mention the crisp pencil cut fries? I like mine medium-rare plus!

They’ve added a new weekend Brunch at Fore as well. This place has rounded into form very nicely and offers Lakeway a true dining experience for adults. I will see you there soon!

Note: Fore has already won the coveted Taste of Lake Travis Award, and is nominated for new business of the year by the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce. Owners James Dinwoodie and Ose Edebur concern themselves not only with their impact on the customer experience, but with their impact on the surrounding community as well.

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