Flour and Vine Settling in

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Openings

Once upon a time there was an effervescent and extremely talented restaurateur named Magna Sampaio who ran a lovely Brazilian restaurant on Burnet that bore her name. Alas Sampaio’s was forced to close. Marta wanted to reopen but lacked funds.
A regular former customer came to her rescue and she opened Hugo’s near Zachary Scott Theater at 300 S Lamar. And once again bad luck in the form of a duplicitous parter beset Sampaio. And there went Hugo’s.
Now another restaurant has settled in at this space. It’s called Flour and Vine and it opened a few months back.
The menu might be called New American. And it looks a whole lot like a large number of restaurants that have opened in the past few years. Nothing wrong with that though.
The food is good; decent service as well. And they actually serve a real Beef Wellington. How about that? Oh and the waiters sing: always a nice touch.
So head down to Flour and Vine and check it out.
The longevity of restaurants in and around downtown has come into question as of late, but thus far all seems well at Flour and Vine.

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