Austin Restaurant Manager Darryl Wittle Leaves Austin for Galveston

Posted by on Jul 10, 2017 in News, Rob's Blog

Perhaps the best restaurant general manager in the Austin area, Darryl Wittle is taking his inestimable talents to Galveston and helming a new steakhouse for foodie kingpin Paco Vargas.

Wittle began his career in Austin as a server at the famous Basil’s and reached his peak during his stunning tenure with Fleming’s Steakhouse, first downtown and then at The Domain. A dinner at a restaurant run by Wittle was something special. Every aspect of the evening was perfectly and seamlessly orchestrated: the guy just flat out got it! His ability to be both cordial host and technical manager served him well and I can never remember a meal at one of his places that was not simply a pleasurable experience.

It is no surprise that he drew some of the best servers in the city, Paul Duce for one, to his restaurants as well.

I wish him well in Galveston but selfishly wish he were staying in Austin. Darryl is a rare breed in the biz: a man who knows how to make an upscale chain restaurant feel like a cozy owner operated spot. Now that takes talent and a pure commitment to one’s profession. He has both in spades!