Wild Wood Bakehouse

3016 Guadalupe St., Ste. #200
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 327-9660
Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm
Sun: 9am-3pm


Joan Griffith

Joan Griffith

It seems that the number of Austinites with gluten intolerances has grown exponentially in the past few years. It’s probably more a case of increasingly available information linking back to one’s physical symptoms. Nonetheless, if you are searching for good, healthy food that is 100% gluten-free, I have just the place for you today. Welcome to Wild Wood Bakehouse.

Owner and founder Joan Griffith supervises a kitchen that cuts no corners when combining taste with the absence of wheat-based products. She can make brown rice and tapioca flours into a batter for one of the tastiest Chicken Fried Steaks around. And that’s just the beginning.

The beauty of gluten-free dining lies in the fact that so many good foods are readily available without the need for substitutes. Wild Wood’s Queso is such an example. This comforting blend of cheese, onions, peppers and served of course with corn (maiz) chips is absolutely tasty and safe. The Fried Calamari and Sweet Potato Chips are another pleasing choice. Again, Wild Wood pulls off a batter that tastes just fine, yet uses not a shred of wheat product. Both the calamari and the chips are flash-fried and come to your table with a lip smacking chipotle. And where is it written that you can’t have Onion Rings at a gluten-free place? Wild Wood’s offering is a definitive YES, both in terms of a delicious batter and engaging tastes.

The sandwiches at Wild Wood all boil down to your preference for the appropriate bread. Some of these may take a bit of getting used to because our tastes buds are so programmed to wheat-based breads. I like the Sourdough and the Focaccia, and the Meredith Club with turkey, bacon and avocado. This is a very nice sandwich. Likewise the Portabello and Provolone which is a perfect veggie choice utilizing the distinctive texture and taste of the robust portabello with a bit of EVOO and roasted pepper along of course with the provolone. Craving an unusual burger? The wild caught Salmon will make your day. This is all about the salmon with the bread being more of an accompaniment to bind things together. But it absolutely works.

And Pizza? Again, where is it written that America’s favorite food and gluten-free dining are incompatible? I’d recommend their Pepperoni and Ham with a Marinara or Pesto sauce. Again, brown rice flower or tapioca flower can make a damned nice crust after you’ve developed a taste for it as I have. This is good stuff. And how about a Chicken Fried Steak? Can’t do a good gluten-free version? Guess again! Take a look at this? It’s as good as it looks!

Sunday Brunch is a blast at Wild Wood as well. I love The Migas and could not discern any difference in taste between the gluten-free or gluten versions. This is a must-order. And for the fans of baked goods, the Mama G bread may be about the best-tasting confection of its type anywhere around. I can’t stop at one, sometimes not even two! And the rest of the baked goods are ridiculously tasty.

They do regular wine dinners at Wild Wood, which you should try.


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