Whole Foods Cake Allegation

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Rob's Blog

It was Marie Antoinette that said: “let them eat cake!”

Well an openly gay Austin pastor ordered a cake from the Lamar store several days ago. He wanted “Love Wins” written on it.
The story goes that he was in a hurry, picked up and paid for the cake, and later noticed a three-letter homophobic slur on the cake. He took a video of the supposedly unopened box. Getting no satisfaction from management he then hired an attorney and sued Whole Foods.

I’m not going to bring up the delinquent student loans story that popped up this morning (adding motive to those who say the pastor’s suit was motivated by an immediate need for cash). Not relevant.

Rather, I’m simply going to say that I know of no Austin company that is more supportive of the LGBT community than Whole Foods. I wouldn’t call myself an ardent Whole Foods fan but on this issue I find it inconceivable that they would have acted in the manner alleged by the pastor. Hope this quietly goes away and does not undeservedly paint Whole Foods with the brush of homophobia.

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