Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que

Posted by on Oct 3, 2008 in Barbecue, Casual, Downtown, Reviews, Ribs
1530 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 476-0100
Mon-Sun: 11am-2am MENU


Uncle Billy's

Uncle Billy's

There are many things in Austin that bear the name of Barton. Why there’s Barton Creek, Barton Springs, Barton Skyway… heck I even live on Barton Point Circle. And this all stems from historical luminary William Barton. Some of his friends called him Uncle Billy. Which brings us to today’s review of Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que on Barton Springs Road. I think the old gent would have loved this place!

The notion of Brew and Que means that both sides have to bring something to the table. The day that Uncle Billy’s acquired the services of uber brewmeister Brian Peters was the baseball equivalent of the Yankees getting Alex Rodriguez. Peters, the founder of Live Oak, is a legend among local home brewers in central Texas. And Brian has made an Ax Handle Pale Ale to die for, not to mention the Okotoberfest-oriented wheaty Harvest Wit and the smoother Back 40 Blond Ale.

The BBQ and all the attendant fixin’s at Uncle Billy’s hold their own as well. I can rarely begin without a plate of the innovative BBQ Sliders featuring pulled pork, sausage, or chopped beef. And if you want ultimate indulgence, try the Chili and Queso Fries. Not a long shelf life here so chug a lug and eat ’em fast. But boy they are good while they last. Or try the House Salad where you can mix creamy chicken salad (my personal fav) into the fresh mixed greens, carrots, scallions et al. Tasty.

The smoked meat itself is the perfect complement to one of Brian’s brews. The Pulled Pork has become my favorite over this past year. The meat is brined overnight and then smoked for an additional 14 hours. It’s pulled off the bone when done and brought to the table. A little sauce on this and man you are eating! Another favorite that’s evolved for me is the Jalepeno Cheese Sausage. The flavors and the textures here are addicting. I may soon need rehab for this one. And their Moist Brisket is another dish that I seem to crave on a regular basis. And somehow, magically, mac and cheese always appears when I order this! Great combination. And do sample the cole slaw and potato salad. Uncle Billy’s gets sides!

And new on the menu is the Chicken Fried Chicken. Even for ardent Que fans, this dish is worth a try. It’s tender and tasty with an engaging batter and perfectly prepared homemade gravy.

And may I remind you that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We ordered our entire holiday dinner from Uncle Billy’s last year: a huge Turkey and all the sides that left our party of 8 gasping for air and with delight!

So I hope to see you soon at Uncle Billy’s on Barton Springs. And don’t forget Brian’s brewer’s dinner on November 2nd. The one last year was terrific.

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