The League Kitchen and Tavern Review

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015 in Reviews
1310 Ranch Rd 620
Austin, TX 78734
(512) 263-3279
Mon-Thurs: 11-10pm
Fri: 11-11pm
Sat: 10:30-11pm
Sun: 10:30-10pm


The League Kitchen and Tavern

The League Kitchen and Tavern

When you walk into The League Kitchen and Tavern on 620 in Lakeway your eyes are drawn to a mural that runs the length of the wall. It’s a photo circa 1920’s of a convention in Atlantic City of one of the various “Leagues” that were popular at the time. Hence the name.
But they weren’t serving food this good back in the 1920’s. The League was recently ranked Number 2 in our list of Austin’s Top 11 comfort food restaurants. When I first tried the tantalizingly tasty Meatloaf Bites with a kick of chipotle ketchup nestled in mashed potatoes, it was absolute bliss. The meatloaf has a subtle kick to it that is at once smooth and also savory. And then the Hummus: the chickpea is king here and the League knows how to put on a coronation. The Onion Rings are also a serious treat. They are requisitely crispy and have a wonderful back of the palate feel. And they also have a great shelf life, something you don’t always see with their fries or rings.

I could go through the entire menu of this tasty restaurant without finding a dish that I truly don’t care for. But the extra special ones are the uber crispy Fish and Chips.The first bite burst of flavor here is truly amazing. Tender comfort with some tartar sauce and voila! And the Chicken Pot Pie is a study in utilizing taste to provoke different mouth sensations. I sometimes eschew the crust and just eat the filling: it’s that good. These are tastes that pleasantly linger. And if you are craving a wonderful burger, try the Southern Burger with Sugar Cured Bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce. Go over the top and add a fried egg. It’ll make your day on this burger.

There’s a great bar scene as well and one of the great barkeeps in the city on duty. In short, there’s a lot to like about the League. I’m sure I’ll see you there. And don’t forget the newer second location in Avery Ranch. This is a gift to the restaurant-starved denizens of that community.

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