12820 Hill Country Blvd. #E-105
Austin, TX 78738
(512) 263-3200
Mon-Thu: 11am-9:30pm
Fri: 11am-10pm
Sat: Noon-11pm
Sun: 5-9:30pm




We’ve been talking about how the Galleria could use a good Japanese restaurant. Well, it’s finally got one in Tadashi, across from the Hill Country Cinema and Tony C’s. While Tadashi is relatively new, it’s already ramping up and dishing up some great food under the steady hand of a terrific cadre of chefs.

The indoor/outdoor dining options are comfortable and the place is exceptionally inviting. The starters are ample enough that they could be finishers in some places. The Shrimp Sumai Dumplings are as mellow and tasty as one will find in the city. Terrific after flavors along with a killer first bite rush. Next time I think we’ll get a double order. They’re that good. And the Soft Shell Crabs are another great place to begin. They’re panko-crusted and served in a sweet ponzu sauce. Delectably crispy, yet cooked just enough to preserve that sweet crab flavor. And another favorite and unique offering is the Wild Game Gyoza: the tastes are not the least bit gamey, but immediately compelling. I must also mention the Sunomono salad. The presentation is beautiful in a martini glass and the taste of what seems like a hundred fingers of cucumber is characteristically tart yet soothing. Only complaint on this front is the Agadashi Tofu which is supposed to be fried, but lacks that requisite texture which is so critical to the taste.

The Miso glazed Black Cod is a treat. Tender to the point of barely maintaining its textural integrity, this buttery fish is an awesome entree. Afforded must try status by yours truly. And meat lovers will enjoy the New York Strip. With yuzu truffle butter and fried onions, its seared flavor jumps out at you. Damn near perfect steak. And you must try the Assorted Scallops. Bacon wrapped scallops, spicy bay scallops, scallops and ika tempura, and they key, all expertly cooked. Nothing worse than an overcooked scallop but no problem with that at Tadashi.

The Uramaki at Tadashi create a slightly different presentation where the rice is on the outside of the roll and not on the inside. There are many variations on this theme but my favorites thus far have been the Spider Roll (with fried soft shell crab, kanikama, and avocado just to begin). Very tasty. Another good choice is the Surf and Turf Roll with an explanatory name but exemplary textures and flavors. And a new favorite is the Golden Gate Roll with shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and cabbage. And yes, for the faint of heart, California and Philadelphia Rolls also grace the menu

Their sashimi is on a par with Uchi and Uchiko, perthaps because they all use the same vendor. I adore the Blue Fin O Toro and another favorite is the pristine Hamachi. The Escolar is also delightful with beautiful organic tastes.If you can handle Eel, the Unagi is flat out wonderful.

The service has been a bit spotty thus far, but the intent and evidence of good training is there. This should round out shortly. So, sushi and a movie? Why not? Tadashi’s here for the long run!


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