Swift’s Attic

315 Congress Ave., Ste. #200
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 482-8842
Mon-Fri: 11am-2pm
Mon-Wed: 5-10pm
Thu=Sat: 5pm-11pm


Swift’s Attic

To celebrate Swift Attic’s killer run on Bravo, here’s their opening review!

When Stuart Thomajan and C.K. Chin began their collaboration on the recently opened Swift’s Attic on Congress (at the site of the former Kyoto) they enlisted to input of chefs Mat Clouser and Zack Northcutt. The result is a very cool little joint that achieves the “coolness” mantle without straining for it. It all just comes naturally and very tastefully.

They refer to the traditional appetizers here as “Snacks” and why not? Snacks to me imply something very tasty. And you’ll have to go a long way to find something tastier than the Squid “fries.” These dense slices of calamari have wonderful flavor and texture, and the roasted garlic aioli is not to shabby either. Likewise the Crispy Twice Cooked Duck Wings served with a black bean glaze are ever so tasty and yes, crispy. The flavors are over the top. It’s simply a must-try dish. The Blistered Shishito peppers are fried in olive oil until blistered, and served with coarse sea salt. Man they are tasty.

There are soups and sandwiches are of great note at Swift’s Attic. The Minestrone is always a good choice as it bubbles over with hot vegetables and tasty kernels of pasta. And the Bowling Alley Burger is in stark contrast to all the foo foo burgers around town these days. It’s a simple yet phenomenally tasty and tender burger with melted fontina, griddled onions and a Swift’s pickle spear on the side. Another killer “sammich” is the Candied Chicken Bacon Avocado on sourdough with roasted heirloom tomatoes. Hard to get away from this one.

The plates at Swift’s Attic are filled with eminently delicious and craftily prepared items. My favorite is the Warm Niman Ranch Pork Cheeks with figs, mustard, and sourdough toast. You want to talk about coaxing the maximum flavor from disparate items? This dish does it. The Antelope Steak Frittes is another killer with chimichurri and tarragon yogurt. You want mesmerizing flavor? This will do it for you. The Black Mussels with pea shoots, smoked carrot broth (most refreshingly original) and crusty bread are totally tasty and fun to eat. Some of the best mollusks I’ve encountered. These tasty little bivalves are simply the bomb.

Pastry Chef Callie Speer deserves a nod here as well. Her Caramelized White Chocolate S’Mores and the amazing Peach sorbet and tres leches cake are by themselves worth a visit to Swift’s.

So be swift and get to this place swiftly.


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