Street by Chinatown Almost Ready

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016 in Openings

In my line of work I get to go to more than my fair share of soft openings. As most foodies are aware, a soft opening [to borrow a theatrical term] is kind of a dress rehearsal for a restaurant. Selected guests [usually friends and family] are invited and several dinner flights are scheduled. It’s a good exercise for restaurateurs, even for someone as seasoned as Ronald Cheng, to see how well the front and back of the house communicate, among other things.
Cheng’s new Street [downstairs from Chinatown Greystone and formerly occupied by Musashino] is one soft opening I’m keenly anticipating.

That dinner on June 15th is not open to the public but the doors will be open to all a few days after that and from what I’ve seen of the menu thus far Street should be a good one! I’ll jump on Facebook on the 16th and post my initial impressions.