Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ

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Rudy's Country Store and BBQ

Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ

Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ has long been a favorite of the Balon household. The fact that it continues to be in light of all the increased competition speaks volumes!

Austin has had BBQ debut after debut the past few years, even including an invasion or two from Lockhart. But every time I pull up to the Rudy’s on 360 or Research there’s a line, no matter what time of the day. And the answer is simple.
Rudy makes a marbled Moist Brisket that will rock your world, sausage that is damn near perfect, turkey and chicken that are incredibly tasty, creamed corn that’s irresistible and much more.

The staff cracks wise at Rudy’s as well which I always enjoy. There’s not a shred of pretense here, just about 140 briskets per day per location plus tons more. Rudy’s got it start when the current franchisees tired of the insurance business and hooked up with Phil Romano to open the in initial store on Research. The others stores on 360 in Westlake, on 620 near Four Points and in Round Rock followed fairly quickly after that.

One of the reasons that things work so well at Rudy’s is the management and staff are dedicated to efficiency and customer service. Rudy’s and burger partner Mighty Fine won the prestigious Baldridge award several years ago. This is a huge honor for a hospitality firm but it goes to my point about overall efficiency. Rudy’s has it in spades.

The other things I like about Rudy’s is when you carry out, there is very little loss of flavor. In fact, almost none. I have milked a to-go order for almost five days and it has still tasted good.

And there is never the risk of standing in line for an inordinately long time only to find that out that they’ve run out of what you wanted. That’s not hospitality: that’s torture.

I never have really gotten the gas station bit: guess it’s just part of the kitsch that contributes to the coolness of Rudy’s. But Rudy’s is cool, and it’s fun, and its good. And in Austin, that always works!

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