Rob Visits Cane Rosso Neapolitan Style Pizza in Sunset Valley

Posted by on May 24, 2017 in Reviews

As you’ll read in our forthcoming Austin Pizza Wars 2017, what was once a veritable wasteland for good pizza has become a mecca of sorts for pizza lovers.

Cane Rosso, a popular Dallas chain, threw its hat into the Austin pizza scene last year at the site of the old Cannoli Joe’s (and later St. Philip Pizza and Bakery) on Highway 290 in Sunset Valley.

A portion of their menu is referred to as Vera Pizza Napoletana (the much desired standard for pizza from Naples) and it was from this menu that we made our first choice. We ordered the Delia which comes with a bacon marmalade, cherry tomatoes, arugula and house-made mozzarella cheese.

They tell you it’s a soft crust that will not crisp up and they were right. The only problem was that the pie arrived at less than ideal temperature which dampened the melange of intriguing flavors we were anticipating.

Cane Rosso's Delia from the Vera Pizza Napoletana menu

Cane Rosso’s Delia from the Vera Pizza Napoletana menu

The Delia was good but I suspect it would have been terrific had it been hotter. Why didn’t we send it back? Frankly, we were hungry as hell. But we’ll head back soon for another shot.

A dish that really did impress was the Arancini, composed of fried risotto balls stuffed with green peas and smoked mozzarella cheese. It was bathed in a sweet bolognese sauce and the dish really worked. Arancini is very similar to Suppli, with only minor variants in the stuffing and the origin (Suppli being associated with Rome and Arancini with Sicily).

The Arancini appetizer

The Arancini appetizer

We’ll issue an update on our next visit. And, one way or the other, we will try the Delia at its correct level of heat. Cane Rosso does seem like they have their creative side intact and that’s always where great things start.

Cane Rosso
4715 S Lamar Blvd. Suite 103
Austin, Texas 78745
(512) 904.0534