Paggi House and Garrido’s Close

Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 in Closings

The venerable Paggi House on Riverside, which was first turned into a fine dining restaurant in the late 70’s by Thomas Fleisner, rebuilt by Rick Engle and his partners and then once again by Stuart Thomajan and C.K. Chin, finally closed its doors a few weeks ago. The food was always terrific, but they were literally swamped by adjacent condos to the point that functional operation would have been impaired. I will miss this place.

David Garrido’s upscale Mexican eatery on 3rd has also been sold and will turn into a French restaurant. David was exec chef at Jeffrey’s for many years, and a class act. But he was never able to find the right combination at his downtown store. We’ll keep you posted on his plans and also on the progress of the new restaurant going in.

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