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6507 Jester Blvd.
Austin, TX 78750
(512) 346-8228
Daily: 11am-11pm

One very rarely sees a high end restaurant segue into a more casual dining and even sports-viewing environment. But that’s exactly what’s happened with the former Italian eatery Bellagio on 2222 at Jester Estates: now known as My Place. It was a matter of economics for owner Linda Bernardone and it was a bold move. The changeover occurred on the first of September and so far so good.

The theme is still mostly Italian with a lot of old favorites but there are now burgers and Po’ Boys as well as wings. And the entrée section now offers Fish and Chips as well as Braised Short ribs. The ambiance is still attractive but less formal.

The appetizers are an intriguing group of mostly Italian influences. I’ve always enjoyed the Bruschetta. Either with the more traditional basil, tomato and red onion or with a white bean puree, the flavors are still spot on.

And the Calamari is as good as ever. The lightly battered baby squid are coaxed to a gold brown in the fryer and served with a zesty tomato pesto sauce.

The sandwiches are tasty and on the large side. The half pound Bacon and Cheddar Burger will make a believer out of you. The tasty fries are a nice touch as well. And the Fried Oyster Po’ Boy, a new item for Bellagio, is a very traditional rendition of this New Orleans favorite that will please oyster lovers.

The entrees are as good as they’ve ever been at the former Bellagio but My Place features significantly reduced price points. Linda’s Spaghetti with homemade meatballs is a blast. The pasta is also made in house and it is beautifully al dente. The meatballs have a rich flavor and terrific, moist texture. For $14 bucks, this is a great dish. And do try the Eggplant Parmesan. The slices are carefully breaded, fried and topped with mozzarella and a wonderfully rich house sauce. The texture, always critical with eggplant, is just about perfect. And the Lasagna satisfies my boyhood cravings for the way my aunt used to make this dish. Lovely layers of pasta interspersed with sausage, beef, and a variety of cheeses and seasonings create a flavor profile that completely delivers. The dish is seamless, as a good lasagna should be. And new to My Place is New England Fish and Chips. What better dish to order when watching the Patriots take on the Giants? This is battered fresh New England Cod fried to a crispy and pleasing texture with a taste to match. Served with fries and slaw, this is an excellent addition to the new menu.

My Place has retained many of Bellagio’s favorite dishes and added some sparkling new ones. It’s relaxed, cozy, and has a wide array of menu choices. It’s open every day from 11am to 11pm. And it’s a perfect addition to the neighborhood.

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