Mo Pittle’s JewBoy Burgers: A cross-cultural Austin food trailer experience

Posted by on Mar 24, 2017 in Reviews

Mo Pittle at JewBoy Burgers on 1606 E. 6th St.

Mo Pittle is a welcome addition to the Austin food community. He has travelled many paths from his home in El Paso to his new JewBoy Burgers burger/sandwich trailer at 1606 E. 6th St.

Some may find the name of his food trailer offensive, but Pittle says the origin of the name was quite simple. He played high school football in El Paso with mostly Latino teammates who affectionately called him “El Jew Boy.” And when he deemed it time to segue from his El Paso ad agency to his current venture in Austin, there was simply no other name that came to mind. His unique blend of cultures that led to the JewBoy Burgers menu are indeed apparent in what I’ve tried thus far.

For example, I did not expect to see Homeboy Chile con Queso on the menu but there it was: spicy and rich with serious favors and terrific mouth feel. Mo grew up in a region where spice is revered so you’ll see many options on his menu with chiles.

The JewBoy Burger contains 1/3 lb of ground beef with onions grilled into the patty. Add cheddar cheese, lettuce, mustard, and a fresh potato roll and you have one hell of a tasty sandwich; enhanced in my case by the addition of a traditional Jewish potato latke. I must tell you that the flavors recalled some favorite tastes from my own youth in Connecticut.

Next up was the The Goyim. If the name is unfamiliar to you, take Mo’s subtle sense of humor into consideration. It’s essentially a term used to contemptuously describe non-Jews, but there is no contempt in Mo Pittle’s creation nor his attitude: just a great sandwich beginning with a burger patty, bacon, grilled pastrami and onions. I enjoyed the Goyim with the proverbial grain of salt. And since I am one, I perhaps enjoyed it even more.

The Black and White Cookie is a perfect way to finish off a feast at JewBoy Burgers. Damn but they’re tasty!

Mo Pittle may be selling burgers and a wry sense of humor right now but I see bigger things down the food road for him. Check his place out and see if you don’t agree.