Mattie’s at Green Pastures Sparkles in SoCo

Posted by on May 15, 2017 in News, Openings, Reviews

I must admit it had been quite some time since we’d dined at Green Pastures, one of Austin’s oldest and most iconic restaurants. It was badly in need of a makeover and that musty smell had gone from endearing to annoying, so it had kind of dropped off our radar.

But the old gal has gotten a face lift and the result is Mattie’s at Green Pastures. It’s still in the same house but has now been remodeled, the musty odor is gone, and the food is as good or even better than the old restaurant. It comes as no surprise that master hospitality expert Jeff Trigger’s La Corsha Hospitality Group is behind this recent updating. And yes, the famous peacocks still roam the grounds.

We went on a Tuesday night about three weeks after their reopening. We were seated at a booth overlooking the grounds and were promptly greeted by our very efficient server. Marge started with an order of buttermilk biscuits with guava butter and honey. She loved them. Now as a rule I’m not a biscuit fan, but I tried a bite and was blown away. There was a crispy texture to the biscuits that totally enhanced the mouth feel. Wow!

I ordered the chicken liver paté and was equally impressed. The richness of the liver was perfectly paired with pickled shallots and fennel and apple chutney. Each scoop carefully placed on a fresh baguette was an absolute delight.

Mattie’s chicken liver paté

The entrees were no less formidable. Marge tried the Danberry Farms fried chicken which had a different twist, as it featured a purée of spinach and baby onions along with a chipotle yogurt dressing. Our verdict was unanimous: very tasty.

In what was a departure for me, I tried the basmati rice bowl with chickpeas, coconut curry, and a variety of vegetables. It was a very pleasant departure and I would order it again without hesitation.

In total, our meal at Mattie’s was an artful presentation of eminently tasty and creatively conceived dishes. Green Pastures is back and Mattie’s is rocking the SoCo neighborhood.

Mattie’s at Green Pastures
811 W Live Oak St.
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 444-1888