Maria Maria at 415 Colorado Closes

Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Closings

There could have been a variety of reasons behind this closing. Was it the food, or was it once again, the supposedly restaurant-friendly city of Austin that loves to tear up streets for months (even years) at a time? Or was it both?

Maria Maria was inspired by the legendary Carlos Santana, and was a Mexican spot with a bit of an attitude and some fairly upscale prices. We never reviewed it because it was one of those places about I couldn’t muster up enough good things to say to make a complete review.

It was similar in concept to the celebrity-driven and short-lived Joe DiMaggio’s out at the Domain which closed several years ago, and I’m fairly sure that one of the principals behind DiMaggio’s was involved in Maria Maria as well.

This has not been a particular good spot for restaurants and entertainment venues as nothing seems to be able to stick at that location.

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