Main Street Grill

118 E. Main St.
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 244-7525
Mon-Fri: 11am-2pm
Mon-Thu: 5pm-8:30pm (final res.)
Fri-Sat: 5pm-9:30pm (final res.)
Sun: Closed


Main Street Grill

Main Street Grill

Main Street Grill was obviously Round Rock’s first fine dining restaurant when it first opened about a dozen years ago. You know what? It still is. The restaurant has continued to improve and to augment its already substantial reputation of creativity from the kitchen, freshness, and cordial service.

Dinner there several weeks ago was an exercise in very pleasant repetition. All systems firing as usual, and a sampling of old favorites and newer dishes proved to be quite rewarding.

Of course, we had to begin with the famous Monica’s Salad which was named after the wife of one of the founders. This reminds me of the equally famous Jackson Salad at the very first Paggi House years ago. Crisp romaine lettuce, baby spinach, bleu cheese crumbles, radicchio, strawberries, pecans, and a killer maple balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It was excellent.

Next up were the Asian Duck Spring Rolls. I loved the first bite flavor rush of this dish along with its appealing crunchiness. The braised duck breast and fresh vegetables go together beautifully, and the cucumber sauce offered a smooth contrast in flavors. Highly recommend this one.

The Jumbo Lump Crabcake should not be overlooked either. I know, everyone on planet Austin is doing some crabcake variation as an app. But this one stands near the top of the pyramid. The roasted corn and cilantro zip up the tender crab, and it’s finished with a spicy red chili remoulade along with a roasted corn and black bean relish: very southwest and very good!

Moving to the entrees, we began with a Gnocchi Della Nona. This is a newer dish that simply resonates with interesting flavors. The classic potato pasta dumplings were mixed with sundried tomatoes, garlic, red onions, smoked applewood bacon, and spinach. Served with a classy gorgonzola cream sauce, this dish rivals former Cibo chef Will Packwood’s version. And that means it’s excellent.

Also loved the Southwestern Pork Tenderloin. This is house smoked and rubbed with chile, and topped with a stunning chipotle cream sauce. This dish is hard to decline.

If you’re a steak fan, then you must try the New York Strip. This is ranchers choice aged angus. To call this one tender would be an understatement. It’s better than that. It’s served with a red wine demi that’s the perfect compliment. It’s a bargain at $30.95 compared to the downtown steak joints.

Another dish that absolutely slays me is the Smoked Duck smoked in Green Tea leaves and over mesquite with, are you ready for this, blackberry wasabi sauce. WOW! A lovely medley of stir fried vegetables beautifully compliments the aromatic flavors of this dish.

Finally, the Chilean Sea Bass more than measured up to expectations. It’s pan-seared and brushed with toasted almond and basil pesto. Light, flakey texture and a very mellow flavor served with a terrific red pepper risotto (which could be its own dish).

Two desserts that literally screamed out “try me” were the amazingly tart yet delicious Key Lime Pie. This had flawless flavors and a winning texture. The other was the Express Curveball. This is vanilla ice cream rolled in candied pecans and housed in a flaky puff pastry. Then you have both hot fudge and a nice chocolate sauce to drive the flavors home, and boy do they ever.

Main Street Grill is a cozy, nicely appointed dining room with an intimate table set in their wine cellar. Perfect for that special Valentine’s date, but always an excellent choice when dining in Round Rock.

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