Local DJs converge on Spec’s Deli at Arbor Walk for Colossal Burger Challenge

Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Rob's Blog

I’ve hosted a lot of food and wine related events for charity over the years. But none were wilder than having to MC the challenge of 20 local DJs taking on the Spec’s Deli Colossal Burger at the Arbor Walk in support of the Food Bank.

The competition was simple. Be the first to eat this 2 lb cheeseburger (the Colossal) in under 30 minutes. Now I’ve never really hosted this type of eating event before but from the first bite it was obvious that DJs are competitive types: none more so than the legendary Barbecue Bob Cole from KOKE-FM. He tore into his cheeseburger like a West Texas tornado, and soon all his competitors (all KLBJ-AM’s Don Pryor could do was look back in amazement) in the proverbial rear-view mirror.

That’s when it got interesting. At about the 12th minute Bob was just about done. Then his face began to change color growing more florid by the second. He had that last mouthful on hold for almost a minute while he fought like hell to complete the final swallow. When his face went from florid to slightly green the judge urged all within a ten foot area to exercise care. Bob’s eyes began to bulge a bit but then, when all seemed lost, he mustered his last ounce of resolve and “successfully” swallowed the last bite. The crowd erupted in raucous cheering as Bob logged in a time of 13:08.

The second flight of competition was not even close as 101X Morning Show Producer Nick Hajda blew away the field in an effortless 8:07. Truth is, he could have probably gone faster. This guy could have a future on the competitive eating circuit. Nick was gracious in victory but man that dude can EAT!

Best of all, the Colossal Showdown at the Arbor Walk “Hungry Games” yielded some great donations to charity. Thanks to Spec’s for hosting and to the DJs who even when they knew they’d been outclassed, kept on chewing.

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