Hut’s Hamburgers

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807 W. 6th St.
Austin, TX 78706
(512) 472-0693
Sun-Sat: 11am-10pm


Hut's Hamburgers

There are a lot of things to like about Hut’s on 807 W. 6th. If you’re a fan of tradition you can relish the historical implications that take you all the way back to 1939 when the restaurant got its start as Sammie’s Drive In. The building got its current name when Homer “Hut” Hutson bought the place in 1969. Now that’s some history. And in you’re a fan of kitsch, the walls are adorned with sports memorabilia featuring UT and the Dallas Cowboys. You dine amidst the storied victories and heroes of days long gone by. An if you’re a fan of burgers, hot dogs and blue plate specials, well then Bubba, you’ve come to the right place.

The menu at Hut’s has always been dominated, and rightfully so, by the good old American classic, the hamburger. They’ve got at least 20 on the menu. And the names of these burgers are indicative of the restaurant’s lineage. No burgers named after Justin Bieber or Radiohead here: no sir, you’ve got the Allen Freed burger (now how many of your kids would know who Allen Freed was?) and it features their seriously tasty homemade hickory sauce. And the Fats Domino burger (another blast from the past) is decked out in jalapenos and coated with New Orleans spices. They love this burger on Blueberry Hill. And what’s not to like about the Buddy Holly Burger which basically features everything: lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, pickles, onions and of course, American cheese. This is Cheeseburger 101 and should be a required course at UT. And if you’re really hungry, try the Dagburger which features mountainous double patties surrounded by the usual accoutrements. This is a bit difficult to attack but worth the challenge. And the key to all the good burgers at Hut’s is the freshness of the buns: they are flat-out tasty and have the perfect balance of yeast and texture.

But Hut’s is about more than burgers and these next items have been sampled quite frequently by yours truly. They do the Hot Dog on a Po Boy roll and I get mine with mustard, onions, and American cheese. They grill this baby beautifully and the taste is spot on: mellow and with a with a little back bite. Another fav is the BLT. Bacon, lettuce and tomato on grilled bread sounds simple until you try the Hut’s version. Man this eats pretty darn good. And don’t forget to try the Mini Corn Dogs. These little doo dads are at the apex of the taste scale. The batter is what makes these work so well. And work they do. And if you are inclined toward a Chicken Fried Steak then Hut’s will make you a very happy camper. The beauty of this version features a nice cut of beef and a creamy gravy that offers the requisite smothering. This is savory goodness. The Ham Steak is another keeper. This is Austin comfort food at its finest. This version is about as tasty a slice of ham that I’ve had in ages. You can cut it with a fork.

And when it comes to fries and onion rings, Hut’s is among the top in a city that really loves these things. The fries are crisp and have nice shelf-life and the onion rings are beautifully textured and just beg for a little Ranch Dressing. Some say the rings are not particularly tasty: I disagree. Their thickness doesn’t masquerade the flavor: indeed, it enhances it. These things have a unique crunch to them that’s hard to pass up.

I always close out my meal at Hut’s with a couple of their famous shakes. These things are thick, and you can watch them being made behind the bar. Serious flavor here. I prefer the strawberry, but the chocolate also has a place in my heart. Nothing faux about these shakes: the tastes are authentic and they go down very nicely.

So head down to 6th St. and take a little bite out of history. Hut’s is still smokin’ after all these years: and the old girl hasn’t even lost a step.

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