Fat Sal’s

2604 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX 78705
(855) 682-4373
Mon-Wed: 11am-3am
Fri-Sat: 11am-4am
Sun: 11am-2am


Fat Sal's - Breanna Racano

Fat Sal’s – Breanna Racano

I went to the Grand Opening of Fat Sal’s on Guadalupe (up from Thai Noodle House) last week. It’s owned by three pals who grew up in the NYC/Jersey area and eventually migrated to Hollywood. One, Jerry Ferrara, found work as an actor on the long running HBO hit Entourage in the role of the lovable Turtle. The others worked in non-film related businesses, but all three shared a longing for some good old East Coast grinders. Hence, Fat Sal’s (named after Sal Capik) was started.

Sal moved to Austin with his family this year, and the decision was made (kind of a no-brainer if you ask me) to open a 4th Fat Sal’s. The sandwiches and salads are amazingly good. They have a breakfast sandwich that’s a killer (the Fat Mona). The Fat Bahn Mi Ki is as good as you’ll find in town, The Fat Joey (their version of a Reuben) is quite tasty, and I have really come to like the Irresistible Italiano with genoa salami, ham, and a ton of other tasty ingredients. The Phenomenal Philly Cheesesteak is a bit small compared to the other sandwiches, but has a flavor and authenticity that will ring true with partisans. Then there is the Bulgogi Korean Salad that is also a treat. No plans at the moment to remove this one from the menu. 🙂

They also have a gigantic $49.99 sandwich called the Big Fat Fatty that is yours for free if you can consume it in 40 minutes or less. (I think there have been 4-5 failed attempts thus far.) But it reflects the light-heartedness of the owners and the staff.

Meanwhile back to the grand opening. It was a blast. Jerry was there along with his partners. Ironically, Turtle could never get a date on the show. But Jerry seems to have no such problem in real life. He came with actress girlfriend Breanna Racano who is a knockout and a very personable young woman. We agreed to go on a movable feast around Austin when she and Jerry and Sal next get together.

Fat Sal’s is not really a deli. But it is a killer sandwich and sub joint where no detail is spared. They even have about 10 versions of French fries, all of which are crispy and with great shelf life. These sandwiches put chains like Subway and Jimmy John’s to shame. And if you are a fan of the art form, then Fat Sal’s is more than worth a visit.

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