EurAsia Gaining Momentum in Oak Hill

Posted by on Oct 27, 2017 in News, Rob's Blog

For a restaurant that has barely been open six months, EurAsia Sushi Bar & Seafood at the Y in Oak Hill is making serious progress.

Indonesian imports Andre and Lili have taken a dumpy old Chinese buffet and turned it into a sparkling and beautifully decorated restaurant.

Their sushi and sashimi is pristine and wonderfully fresh. I love the hamachi and the maguro. Their maki are delicious as well. The spider roll is one of the best around. Also love the gyoza.

EurAsia Sushi Seafood Gyoza

EurAsia’s Gyoza

The spicy grouper is a terrific dish, with beautifully nuanced flavors coaxed from the unique cooking style that Lili brings to the dish.

EurAsia Spicy Grouper

The spicy grouper

The EurAsia crab cakes are a delight. The picture tells it all. The fresh crab resonates with mounds of texture and flavor and benefits from an almost perfect batter. This is a must try dish.

EurAsia Sushi Seafood crab cakes

EurAsia’s delicious crab cakes

If you haven’t tried Indonesian cuisine you are missing a treat. I have become enamored of the Bakso Sapi Special, an Indonesian pho said to be Barack Obama’s favorite dish. Also the Pempek Udang, which is a deep fried and delicious shrimp cake.

EurAsia Bakso Sapi Special

The Bakso Sapi Special

Eurasia is driving an explosion of palate pleasing innovation. Good news for south Austin!


EurAsia Sushi Bar and Seafood
7101 West Hwy 71 Suite #C13
Austin, TX 78735

(512) 382-0968