Easy Tiger review

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Easy Tiger Restaurant

Easy Tiger Restaurant

One thing you could always count on when we did Food Friday on 590 KLBJ was someone calling in and asking where they could get German food. And unfortunately over a period of 2-3 years, Ilsa’s Kitchen,
The European Bistro and several others went away.
But there’s hope on das firmament because I just tried The Easy Tiger. It’s on E 6th in a building that has housed at least four other restaurants over the years. But I’m pretty sure that this one is going to stick around.

The Easy Tiger is part bakery and part restaurant and both components are good.
It’s not what I initially expected when I heard “German” but it’s pretty close. There is no Weinerschitzel with Spaetzles but beyond that there’s plenty more. The Pretzels (love the texture) and Housemade Beer Cheese are a blast as is the Kielbasa with Grilled Onions (great flavor).

They have several Easy Boards which are more than German enough to satisfy. The actual German Board features pretzels, a very satisfying Bratwurst, Beer Cheese and German potato salad along with the obligatory senf (mustard). The Oktoberfest Board is great fun. It’s got Pork Ribs, Kielbasa, Smoked Ribs, Pastrami and Potato Kraut, along with a Rye Roll and Düsseldorf mustard. Pretty damn good if you ask me.

Then there are the house made Sausages. Mein Gott!! These are amazing. Start with the Garlic Beef Sausage with bourbon bacon relish and house mustard. The flavor is perfectly balanced and the garlic does not overwhelm. Classic mouth feel on this one.
Then try the Knockwurst (which you’d expect) and you’ll find that it’s equally good. This combination of pork, veal and beef is authentic and has a bit of zing to it. Outstanding flavor and no gnarly casing issues. And to my surprise I really enjoyed the Cajun Chicken Sausage which comes with red bell pepper, green onions and an intoxicating Creole cream sauce.

The sandwiches are worthy of a mention although none are redolent of Munich. My favorite is the Corned Beef on Rye with mustard. Tender, tasty and I’d order it again. Nuff said!

On the bakery side, the breads are decent (the Baguette is best) but the pastries are decadent. The Cinnamon Knot is moist and flavorful and the Tiger Claw is recommended. The Bengal Spice Cookie could be a bit crispier but the taste is there. Which brings me to my only bitch point. Where the hell is the Apple Streudel? Sorely needed in my opinion.
That being said, this is a fun spot to drink one of the many beers that abound and indulge in lots but not all of your German-influenced foods.
Not sure about the name but do you really care?

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