Dog and Duck Pub

406 W. 17th St.
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 479-0598
Mon-Sat: 11am-2am
Sun: 12am-2am


Susan Forrester

I have an unrequited fondness for quaint little pubs. I like the mood and the ambiance of these joints. And when the food really rocks, well that’s an added bonus. Which brings us to the Dock and Duck Pub at 406 W. 17th.

Chef Ernie Rivera has crafted a comfortable kind of place at the Duck: it just sort of reaches out and pulls you in. And the next thing you know, it’s closing time!

The Dog and Duck features some of the best pub grub in Austin. The hardest part is where to begin. Well let’s take a stab (no pun intended) at it shall we?

Usually the appetizers at most pubs are just kind of menu fillers. But at the Duck the apps are absolutely mandatory. The Spicy Fried Green Beans are a classic example of why this joint works so well. The flavor profile of these is enhanced by a lemon rosemary aioli (add a little Sriracha sauce). They are addicting. Ditto for the Spicy Fried Pickle Chips. These are comparable to the ones at 2nd as they have more texture and hence are more robust (this is a good thing at a pub). They taste great as well. And I am very partial as well to the Tomato platter featuring Fried Green Tomatoes. Man, if this dish isn’t made to go down with a smooth pint of IPA you show me what is!

Any pub worth its salt has to produce great sandwiches and burgers. And the Dog and Duck delivers. The Spicy Mustard Turkey Pastrami is one tasty sandwich. I love the flavor and texture of the pastrami. And I must mention the Gyro. This is the American version with pressed lamb and beef and its comforting flavors are spot on. Finally the Raspberry Bruschetta Burger deserves recognition. This is a multiple napkin affair but it’s one rocking burger. Wonderful first bite rush in this one.

And of course the ultimate consideration in a pub is the pub grub. And boy do they have this covered. The Bubble and Squeak gets its name from the noises that the potatoes, cabbage, spinach and onions make while cooking. But this is no hiss and miss dish (couldn’t resist). The flavors are amazing!

And the Duck does a highly serviceable Shepherd’s Pie. The beef and lamb are grilled and marinated in a tomato and herb sauce. Then toasted in a broiler and covered with mashers and served hot. Serious tastes here folks!

And you have to try the Scotch Eggs with Chutney. The dish is a de-shelled hard-boiled egg wrapped in a layer of sausage and breadcrumbs and served warm. The chutney is a nice complement. Again, as they have for years, these eggs go very well with a pint of your favorite ale.

So make it a point to put the Dog and Duck on your dining agenda. This is excellent pub cuisine with an attitude!


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