Dishes I Absolutely and Constantly Crave

Posted by on Jan 30, 2018 in Best Of, Reviews

Oasis at Lake Travis Chicken Fireballs

The Chicken Fireballs at The Oasis are irresistible – love these fiery little doodads!

Cafe Blue Austin coconut shrimpCoconut Shrimp at Café Blue

Can’t get away from this crunchy and savory delight from the creative mind of Café Blue’s Chef Ben Nathan. Great as an appetizer or entree.

EurAsia Sushi Bar & Seafood GyozaEurAsia’s Gyoza

An unexpected pleasure at EurAsia Sushi Bar & Seafood: perfect pork dumplings done Japanese style!

Rudys_MoistBrisket The moist brisket at Rudy’s

Every bite of Rudy’s Country Store’s moist brisket works for me. Beautiful smoky flavors that resonate.

The Texican Cafe's shrmip flautas The Texican Café’s Shrimp Flautas

The Texican Café’s Flautas are first bite delight! Amazing flavors and perfect texture.

Jobell Cafe Lobster Tail Risotto Jobell Café & Bistro’s Lobster Tail Risotto

Have to have this Jobell specialty frequently. The risotto beautifully complements the Maine lobster tail.

Easy Tiger Wursts and Pretzels Easy Tiger’s Wursts and Pretzels

I always crave the wursts at Easy Tiger and the delicious fresh pretzels from their bakery. Das ist gut!

Joe's Bakery Huevos Rancheros The Huevos Rancheros at Joe’s Bakery

In my humble opinion, the Joe’s Bakery Huevos Rancheros are the best dish of their kind in Austin.

Numero 28 Pizzeria Canneloni The Numero 28 Pizzeria Canneloni

Numero 28 Pizzeria is a terrific restaurant. Their cannelloni is one reason why!

Sap's Fine Thai Cuisine Pad Kee Mao Sap’s Fine Thai Cuisines’ Pad Kee Mao

Amazing Thai comfort food from the incomparable Sap’s Fine Thai Cuisine!

Bangers Poutine Banger’s exceptional Poutine

There’s nothing to warm the heart like a classic French Canadian Poutine. The French fries with curd and gravy is the ultimate comfort food. And Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden nails this one every time.

Epicure Corn FrittersEpicure’s Corn Fritters

The corn fritters at Epicure are another treat for me. This smallish new spot in Dripping Springs is another must visit for foodies.

Street Udon noodles Street’s Udon Noodle Soup

How do I love the Udon Noodle Soup at Street? Enough to slurp like there’s no tomorrow.