Dahlia Café

2450 RR 1869
Liberty Hill, TX 78642
(512) 515-7772
Tue-Sat: 7am-9pm
Sun-Mon: Closed


Dahlia Café

Dahlia Café

If you are ever up in Liberty Hill on a weekend night, and you see a throng of cars unlike anything else you might ever see in that region, there’s a reason: it’s called Dahlia Café.

This place flies in the face of the old saying that “location is everything.” I live so far away I almost need a plane ticket to get there, yet I go as often as I can. Why? This is ultimate comfort food with a few upscale twists one might be used to seeing in the high-end downtown joints.

The appetizers at first glance seem about what you’d expect. Quesadillas, Jalapeno Poppers, Spinach and Artichoke Dip and Crispy Chicken Livers. Wait a second. Crispy Chicken Livers? Big departure for a comfort food spot. But I’ll tell you what, like all the more traditional apps, they are delicious. I get ’em every time. And the Onion Rings, stacked hand to elbow high, are flat-out the best I’ve tasted in this area. Are you starting to get the picture?

The Tortilla Soup is very good. Get the bowl. The chef has a unique take on this Tex Mex classic: spicy but with a beautiful array of veggies and a mellow broth to anchor the dish. Not as crazy about the Broccoli Cheese Soup. It just can’t compete with the Tortilla Soup.

No hill country joint worth its salt could do without Chicken Fried Steak. And Dahlia rocks this dish. The hand-cut steak is tender, and the house made breading and spices along with the delightful Jalapeno cream gravy elevate this dish to an exalted level. Each bite is special. And the Mother in Law’s Meatloaf is another instant classic. This is an ancient family recipe baked with onion and celery and spices so proprietary that the recipe is written in code! And it is delicious. It’s the texture: mellow and subtle that gets you first. Then the taste. Dahlia also has a Ribeye for $18.99 that’s a steal. Perfectly aged and marbled. And the grilling is always spot-on.

Dahlia could make a reputation on its burgers alone. The Burning Ring of Fire Burger, kind of a culinary homage to the late Johnny Cash, just flat-out brings it. It’s topped with Pepper Jack Cheese, hot wing sauce, an Onion Ring, and creamy jalapeno dressing along with the requisite veggies. Man does this thing have great flavor. A bit hard to eat because of its enormity but who cares? I am also smitten with the Patty Melt and the Mushroom Swiss burgers. And there’s more burgers beyond those, all good.

The desserts are absolutely insanely good. All home made and just waiting there for you to gorge. For me. it’s a toss up between the Coconut Chess and the Bourbon Pecan Pie. But then there’s the Apple-acian Bar and the OMGoodness Pie. And did I mention the Cherry Cobbler? The idea is you can’t miss here. Any choice is a good one.

So don’t let the throngs deter you. You can always get a seat at the Dahlia Café and you know you’ll always, and I mean always, emerge satisfied and full.


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