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Crepe Crazy, Dripping Springs, TX

Crepe Crazy, Dripping Springs, TX

When I first walked into Crepe Crazy on Highway 290 in Dripping Springs during the final phases of construction it was readily apparent that every one one working there was extremely hearing impaired. But using an erasable screen pad I was able to write them several questions which were answered in kind.
That being said I was not particularly optimistic about whether they could overcome the hearing issues and successfully operate the restaurant.

Fast forward several months. We stopped in for our first sampling and the place was almost full. The wall near the counter was adorned with a large menu to which one could easily point and gesture. On top of that they still had writing screen for specific questions. But after a quick overview we ordered from the Savory Crepes category. I chose the Ham and Swiss crepe which featured country ham, Swiss cheese, grain Dijon mustard and spinach. Bacon is an option. Marge ordered the Mediterranean Medley with sun dried tomato pesto, feta cheese, hummus, fire-roasted red bell peppers, red onions, cucumbers and spinach. The Sweet category was equally hard to resist and i ordered the S’More crepe [too many camping trips as a kid i guess] while Marge chose the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon crepe.

We took a seat and within minutes our Savory crepes were brought to the table. There are literally thousands of possible combinations with regard to the kinds of European-style crepes one can order. And Crepe Crazy did a great job at envisioning as well as preparing. The outer layer or pancake was obviously a mixture of flour, butter, milk and all the other rich ingredients that give the crepe its caloric value. But who can resist?

My Ham and Swiss literally dissolved into a melange of flavors upon first bite yielding amazing mouth feel. The temperature was perfect and the crepe was absolutely seamless with regard to the integration of its many ingredients, This achieved must-reorder status before I’d reached the halfway point. The Mediterranean Medley was equally delightful. Again I was impressed with the first-bite rush and the consistency of flavors as the crepe gradually disappeared. I was getting that kind of look from my companion that said “if you have one more bite of my crepe I’ll…..”. So we ordered another one. Simple solution, same great flavor.

Then came our two desert crepes. First thing one notices is the lovely presentation. Then the size: they’re enormous. And finally, beautifully sweet flavors with the requisite texture. My S’More had a Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread and torched marshmallows along with crumbled graham crackers. The outside was sprinkled with a chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. The name could not have been more appropriate and it utterly destroyed my earlier memories of S’Mores, pure bliss with each bite.
The Brown Sugar and Cinnamon crepe was as advertised: a compelling mix of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and caramel sauce. So it had a few thousand carbs. This is an infrequent event so go for it. Unbelievable flavor.

They also offer breakfast crepes and the description already had me thinking of my next visit. And Crepe Crazy has just opened their second location on 3103 S. Lamar [along with just about the rest of the Austin restaurant world].
If you love classic, European-styled crepes, then Crepe Crazy is a must visit. The hearing issue is frankly a non-issue and actually kind of ads to the charm of the place. No screaming chefs etc. I’ll be back soon after our breakfast tasting, but for now, bon appetit!!

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