Sunday, May 22, 2016

Why Most Chefs Start So Young

I was watching some food talk show the other night while drifting off to sleep. Last thing I remember was hearing Bobby Flay, nationally known restaurateur, Iron Chef, and host of about 39 shows on the Food Channel acknowledge that he had dropped out  Continue Reading »

Could We Have Reached the Saturation Point in Austin Fine Dining?

I can’t remember a time in the past 12 years when I’ve heard so many fine dining owners complain about a slow summer that didn’t immediately turn around when schools got back in session. Could it be that we’ve reached Austin’s  Continue Reading »

Groupon Copywriters Push the Envelope of Mediocrity

As I rule, I don’t pay much attention to the accompanying verbiage on Groupon restaurant deals. In fact I don’t pay much attention to the popular discount offers at all. But my wife called my attention to one last week that was simply too  Continue Reading »

Friendly Competitors

One would assume that restaurants, like other businesses, are inherently competitive with each other. To the extent that you would have never expected Microsoft’s Bill Gates to walk into the launch party for Apple’s I phone and offer congratulatory  Continue Reading »

“Better Than Sex” in Key West

Okay, calm down folks. This is actually the name of a dessert only restaurant in Key West. The place is as you might expect, dark and seductive. And the dishes themselves are about a 10 on the aphrodisiac scale. You can begin with the “Between My Red  Continue Reading »

The Latest Trend in the Wine Business: The Stelvin Closure

One accepted mandate for years in the wine business was the simple concept of loss. Out of 100 bottles of wine that used natural cork as closures, there was almost a given that up to 7% of the bottles could be tainted or “corked” by the presence of  Continue Reading »

Where Austin’s Top Chefs Like to Eat

You would think that after nights of toiling away in their own kitchens, Austin chefs would like to hunker down ay home and relax. Au contraire! They go out and let somebody cook for them. We recently saw the uber-hot Paul Qui at Jack Allen’s Kitchen  Continue Reading »

Why Opening Nights Generally Suck

The near hysteria that surrounded the opening of Paul Qui’s new restaurant on East 6th was not atypical of what happens when the “first in line” frenzy takes over. Gotta love those early adopters. The result yielded about as strange  Continue Reading »

Bizarre and Curious Moments in the Life of a Food Critic

In my 15 years of reviewing restaurants I’ve seen some fairly unusual things: actually far more than I can document. But here are some of my favorites. Got Milk? Several years ago at one of our higher end restaurants a commotion occurred when one  Continue Reading »

Very Important News from the Chain Restaurant World

As ours is a site that primarily focuses on owner-operated restaurants, every now and then I get some news from the Chain Restaurant world that I just can’t resist commenting on. For example, the Nation’s Restaurant News announces that Applebee’s,  Continue Reading »