Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Strange Case of Eddie Nimibutr

Well, in this viral world we live in, it doesn’t take much, as Eddie Nimibutr found out yesterday, to piss off a couple of million Americans. He posted some nasty crap about the Newtown shootings on his Facebook page; and he and his Austin restaurant,  Continue Reading »

The Tragedy of Newtown

At a time like this, we realize how almost trivial writing and thinking about dining out becomes. I grew up in CT and can tell you that Newtown is one of those typical, small, close-knit bucolic southwestern CT towns so characteristic of the area. That  Continue Reading »

When a Chain Really Doesn’t Act Like a Chain

Darryl Wittle & Chef Boyer DeriseI very rarely review chain restaurants. The menus are usually predictable, the food often comes out of some prepackaged source, and the servers are generally indifferent and poorly trained. But occasionally a place  Continue Reading »

Overheard in a BBQ Queue

Franklin BarbecueWe shot my KVUE-TV review last week at the almost universally discussed and acclaimed Franklin BBQ last week on E. 11th. When we arrived at 11am, the equally-discussed line was just over 2 hours long and well down toward the parking  Continue Reading »

The Reasons We Do What We Do on Dining Out with Rob

We occasionally see some blogger commentary regarding our site, Many of these comments have a prevailing theme. And of course that revolves around my decision to primarily write about restaurants that I like, while essentially  Continue Reading »

Are You Kidding Me: Quaker Steak and Lube?

There are many comfort food based chains around the U.S., but with their most recent and first entry into to Texas (in Waco) and later New Jersey, Quaker Steak and Lube, a motorsports-themed casual dining chain now boasts a total of 56 owned and franchised  Continue Reading »

Resurgence in Retro Dishes: Trend or Fad?

Slowly but surely, some restaurants around Austin and elsewhere are adding some dishes to menus that haven’t been seen in some time. It may be an overt attempt to appeal to vanguard Baby Boomers, or it may be that a lot of 30-something chefs have  Continue Reading »

On People and Dogs

The relationships that people have with their dogs can often be quite remarkable. It certainly has been in our house for the past 34 years. We began with an Old English Sheepdog we named Jazz. He was our first baby, born a year before our daughter Jenn.  Continue Reading »

Who Cares What’s In It?

There’s a variation of an old expression that two things no American wants to observe being made are laws and hot dogs (sausages work here as well). But unlike most laws which one or more subgroups inevitably wind up despising or resenting, virtually  Continue Reading »

Top Chefs Deserve Top Judges

I watched Paul Qui’s victory on Top Chef Texas with chauvinistic pride and admiration for his talent. What I didn’t like was the boring cadre of old fart judges like Emeril Lagasse and Tom Colicchio who kept muttering “sweet and savory”  Continue Reading »