Sunday, March 15, 2015

Do Presidential Perks Extend to BBQ Lines?

Franklin BarbecueBig brouhaha yesterday when President Barack Obama, after finishing up a DNC fundraiser and speech at the Paramount, decided to jump the line at the intergalactically famous Franklin Barbecue on East 11th. The hue and cry on social media  Continue Reading »

Is Austin Really Restaurant Friendly?

Austin has a national reputation as a business-friendly city. On the whole, that statement seems reasonable. But take a closer look into the restaurant segment of Austin’s business map. And remember, the restaurant/bar industry in the Austin area employs  Continue Reading »

Fourth of July Weekend: Burgers and Q

John MuellerAs we approach the Fourth of July weekend, all red-blooded central Texans are hunkering down for fireworks, get togethers, and of course, whether at a restaurant or at home, burgers and barbecue. The two go together like apple pie and ice  Continue Reading »

Frankie Hoch Podcast, Grillmaster at It’s All Good Bar-B-Q

  This week’s podcast features Frankie Hoch, the Grillmaster at It’s All Good Bar-B-Q in Spicewood. He came to the business the old-fashioned way: driven by a lifelong love of Q he competed in cook-offs around the state and across the South.  Continue Reading »

What’s in a Name? The Story of Cedro

James SunOne of the more complicated and interesting aspects of the restaurant business is the actual naming of the establishment. Some names work well and last a long time. Others (Peso and Bucks, Rival’s Steakhouse, Sardine Rouge, Demi Epicurious  Continue Reading »

Downtown Density and Dining Out

When Will Wynn (great name for a politician) was serving as mayor, his most frequent mantra was downtown density. The idea was to create an enterprise zone where a significant amount of potential retail and restaurant customers actually lived and worked  Continue Reading »

The Iconic Bakehouse in South Austin To Close June 15th

The Really Big BurgerIt’s hard to imagine too many restaurants (Hill’s perhaps) that have been more integrally involved with south Austin than the always interesting and iconic Bakehouse on Manchaca near Stassney. Indeed, I can still remember  Continue Reading »

Welcome to our First Podcast on Dining Out with Rob Balon

Our first guest is Chef Louie Ciola, former exec chef of the popular Ciola’s in Lakeway, then chef at some uber-hot Minneapolis restaurants. He recently returned to Austin as executive consultant to the TC4 group which includes the Tony C’s  Continue Reading »

David Bull and the Evolution of Austin as a Major Food City

Chef David BullI can remember the day almost as if it was yesterday. We had gone to dinner at the Driskill Grill in the famous downtown hotel. It was a slow night for a Saturday and we were surprised to see that the restaurant was staging a “mystery  Continue Reading »

Brad Meltzer: Mr. Teppayaki

Brad MetlzerMost Teppanyaki/Hibachi restaurants I’ve been in have been owned and operated by Asians. So how did a Jewish guy from Massachusetts become a pivotal force in the Texas teppanyaki scene? It’s an interesting story. Meltzer is a Renaissance  Continue Reading »