Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Most Influential Restaurants in Austin

We are blessed with many fine restaurants in Austin. But among that group there are a few that stand out as being the trend setters for other restaurants. You know: the places local chefs and aspiring restaurateurs really pay attention to. Congress Chef  Continue Reading »

Austin and Ellis Winstanley: Building the Abel’s Franchise

Ellis WinstanleyIt all began with a couple of UT college kids, fraternal twins Austin and Ellis Winstanley. They didn’t start out to be restaurateurs (Ellis wanted to go to the Naval Academy) but before either had turned 21, they owned Star Seeds Cafe  Continue Reading »

Restaurants I’d like to Have Back for Christmas

I was thinking about some of my favorite former Austin restaurants the other day, and how much I’d like to see them back in operation as a foodie Christmas present. C’mon Santa, make some magic happen and bring these back! In no particular  Continue Reading »

Rob Balon’s Reviews Now Available on YouTube!

Rob Balon has filmed restaurant reviews on FOX 7 and KVUE-TV in Austin since 1999. Given the increasing popularity of social media, and the fact that Dining Out with Rob Balon has significantly increased its Facebook presence, we thought it was time to  Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving 2013 Dining Recommendations

Next to Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving is Austin’s other favorite dining out day. And as always, we’re posting a list of restaurants that will be open for Thanksgiving and contact information for those restaurants. We’ll also be updating our  Continue Reading »

Rob’s Favorite Dishes at Austin’s Newer Restaurants

I’ve tried a lot of great new dishes in the past six months. Some have made it into my reviews and some are still waiting for print. But I wanted to share some of them with you. Sway My only negative on Sway is that I drove by it three times before  Continue Reading »

The Ultimate Austin Movable Feast

I fantasize from time to time about staging the ultimate Austin movable dinner. You know, one course at each restaurant with a fleet of limos at our disposal as we move for each course. Of course each limo would be stocked with chilled bottles of Yellow  Continue Reading »

Is Austin Where it Should be on the Ethnic Dining Front?

Could it be that the reason that Austin doesn’t show up on more Top Ten lists for food (as is does on just about every other list these days) is our lack of diversity of ethnic restaurants. And no, Tex Mex doesn’t count. Let’s look at  Continue Reading »

Perry’s Grows from Houston Butcher Shop to Texas Steakhouse Chain

Founder: Chris PerryWhen Chris Perry was growing up in Houston in the 1980’s, the plan for him was to follow in the path laid out by his father Bob, who had once been the regional manager at Kroeger’s Meat Markets. But a Butcher Shop intervened and  Continue Reading »

Austin’s Best Pizzas: Pizza Wars 2013

Welcome to the 7th installment of our annual review of owner-operated central Texas pizza restaurants. We fondly call it Pizza Wars. As many of you may know by now, I grew up in one of the best American pizza cities, New Haven, Ct. Classics like Frank  Continue Reading »