Thursday, November 26, 2015

Podcast: Elmar Prambs

  Elmar Prambs, the only Exec Chef the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin has known since it opened in 1986 joins us for this week’s podcast. Prambs began his career with a three-year apprenticeship at a hotel in Germany. He moved on to resorts  Continue Reading »

An Austin Original: Freda Cheng

Freda ChengI was having lunch at Chinatown Bee Caves the other day when I ran into an elegantly dressed elderly Asian woman with a friendly yet dignified air about her. We shook hands and I asked for her daughter. “What else new?” she said.  Continue Reading »

An old Austin Food Year Passes, and a New One Awaits!

It is hard to put the enormous changes in the Austin food scene over the past year into perspective; and harder still to anticipate what impact the 2015 openings will bring. Bottom line, we are as on point food-wise as I’ve ever seen us. And it  Continue Reading »

Podcast: John Cho of Cho Sushi

  John and David Cho have given the foodies of the Lakeway and Steiner Ranch communities some genuine options with regard to great sushi and sashimi. David is the back of the house while John handles the front. They make a great team. John was comfortably  Continue Reading »

Rob’s Christmas and New Year’s Dining Options 2014

He’s making a list…For your convenience, we’ll be compiling many recommended restaurants’ hours of operation for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Enjoy, and don’t forget to generously tip your  Continue Reading »

Podcast: Steve Adler

  Mayor-Elect Steve Adler joins us this week to discuss the permitting, licensing, and other infrastructure issues that confront and often cripple the hospitality industry (restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, et al.) that comprise the LARGEST number  Continue Reading »

Hollywood Comes to Austin for Opening of Fat Sal’s

I must admit to being a huge fan of Entourage, the long-running HBO comedy about a band of buddies playing or trying to play the Hollywood game. But when Jerry “Turtle” Ferrara and his former East Coast pal Sal Capik (who turned out to be  Continue Reading »

Rob’s Favorite Tex Mex Places

When I first came to Austin over 30 years ago, I had never heard of Tex Mex. But I was a fast learner, and soon we had become addicted to the unique flavors of true Tex Mex. Your cardiologist may not approve, but I look at this as a guilty pleasure more  Continue Reading »

Podcast: Freda Cheng of Freda’s Seafood Grille

  Freda Cheng is a proud member of one of Austin’s family restaurant dynasties. As proprietor of Freda’s Seafood Grille, she has teamed with brother Ronald Cheng (Chinatown) to bring the River city a diverse array of excellent food.  Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving 2014 Dining Recommendations

Next to Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving is Austin’s other favorite dining out day. And as always, we’re posting a list of restaurants that will be open for Thanksgiving and contact information for those restaurants. We’ll also be updating our  Continue Reading »