Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rating the Vodka at Zed’s Recent Vodka Fest

Along with Chef Adrian’s snacks, one thing I really enjoyed about the recent Vodka Fest at Zed’s in Tech Ridge Center was seeing the preponderance of attractive Austin women happily sipping their vodkas. The marketers are not wrong: women  Continue Reading »

Podcast: Ronald Cheng

  Ronald Cheng has made perhaps the most significant impact on Chinese cuisine than anyone in central Texas. His amazing first restaurant, Chinatown on Bee Caves in Westlake which opened over 30 years ago, blew me away with its creative approach  Continue Reading »

Our Favorite Cajun Dining Spots Around Austin

Most people I talk to about Cajun cuisine, particularly those from Louisiana, have very strong feelings about all the various dishes and recipes that make up the bulk of what one sees on menus in Austin area restaurants. Some prefer a dark roux, others  Continue Reading »

Tough Sledding Around Austin for Many High End Restaurants

Restaurants come and go with some rapidity in Austin. Everyone acknowledges that it’s a tough business. But no place is it tougher than in the higher end of fine dining restaurants. The recent closing of Kenichi got me to thinking about how many  Continue Reading »

Podcast: Chef Ben Nathan of Café Blue

  This week’s Podcast features Chef Ben Nathan, Executive Chef of Cafe Blué at the Galleria. He also opened the Belmont, taught at the local culinary school, and worked at several fine dining restaurants in Boston, which is his original home.  Continue Reading »

Daryl Wittle: Running a Chain Like it’s Not a Chain

Fleming’s – Daryl WittleI love to go to high-end restaurants and savor the byproduct of the usually seamless partnerships between the front and back of the house. And that’s why we so much enjoy Fleming’s at the Domain. Yes, it  Continue Reading »

Rudy’s Bar-B-Q: The Guys Behind the “Sause”

We want to thank all of you who submitted their top ten pizza lists as part of our Pizza Wars 2014 feature from last week. It was easy to tell that a lot of thought went in to your lists. And thanks to the many foodies who took the time to read our lengthy  Continue Reading »

This Week’s Podcast: Steven Dilley, Founder and Owner of Bufalina

  Steven Dilley’s story, as you’ll hear, is quite remarkable. With no restaurant experience whatsoever, he took his insatiable curiosity about pizza and parlayed that into the very popular (4th in our Pizza Wars 2014) Bufalina on Cesar  Continue Reading »

7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Restaurateurs

Ken Schiller – CEO of Rudy’sStephen Covey wrote a book over twenty years ago that revolutionized the business world and advanced the notion that success in business and in life were interdependent. I reread the book earlier this year, and  Continue Reading »

Brad Meltzer Podcast

  This week’s podcast guest is Brad Meltzer who is the owner of Sumo Japanese Steakhouse, a teppanyaki restaurant on I-10 in San Antonio. Brad has owned teppanyaki spots in Austin in the past, and is a serial entrepreneur who dabbles in many  Continue Reading »