Friday, December 2, 2016

Rob’s Favorite Tex Mex Places

When I first came to Austin over 30 years ago, I had never heard of Tex Mex. But I was a fast learner, and soon we had become addicted to the unique flavors of true Tex Mex. Your cardiologist may not approve, but I look at this as a guilty pleasure more  Continue Reading »

Sunday Brunch at Cedro

I was initially a bit skeptical about how a classic Italian restaurant would handle a mid-day Sunday brunch. That changed quickly after my first brunch at Cedro in Lakeline Mall (across from the Alamo Drafthouse). The Eggs Benedict were a study in flavor  Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving 2014 Dining Recommendations

Next to Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving is Austin’s other favorite dining out day. And as always, we’re posting a list of restaurants that will be open for Thanksgiving and contact information for those restaurants. We’ll also be updating our  Continue Reading »

Eden East Continues To Blaze Trails

When I first walked into this totally Austintatious food emporium on Springdale, I was taken aback by the trailer-like ambiance. It reminded me of a much larger version of Bryce Gilmore’s early days at the Odd Duck. But the food and the prices had  Continue Reading »

Our Favorite Cajun Dining Spots Around Austin

Most people I talk to about Cajun cuisine, particularly those from Louisiana, have very strong feelings about all the various dishes and recipes that make up the bulk of what one sees on menus in Austin area restaurants. Some prefer a dark roux, others  Continue Reading »

Tough Sledding Around Austin for Many High End Restaurants

Restaurants come and go with some rapidity in Austin. Everyone acknowledges that it’s a tough business. But no place is it tougher than in the higher end of fine dining restaurants. The recent closing of Kenichi got me to thinking about how many  Continue Reading »

Daryl Wittle: Running a Chain Like it’s Not a Chain

Fleming’s – Daryl WittleI love to go to high-end restaurants and savor the byproduct of the usually seamless partnerships between the front and back of the house. And that’s why we so much enjoy Fleming’s at the Domain. Yes, it  Continue Reading »

Rudy’s Bar-B-Q: The Guys Behind the “Sause”

We want to thank all of you who submitted their top ten pizza lists as part of our Pizza Wars 2014 feature from last week. It was easy to tell that a lot of thought went in to your lists. And thanks to the many foodies who took the time to read our lengthy  Continue Reading »

Porter Ale House and Gastropub Drawing the Late Night Crowd

Mention pork belly sliders to me, and I’m yours. Mention Cheese Pierogis, and I am even more committed. Thus my passion for the Porter Ale House and Gastropub 3715A South First. It seems like we have a plethora of gastropubs these days around Austin.  Continue Reading »

A First Dinner at laV

Since the demise of Aquarelle and Mirabelle, Austin foodies been pining for an elegant and beautifully appointed French restaurant. The recent debut of laV on East 7th should make a lot of those foodies happy. As many of you know, I don’t like to  Continue Reading »