Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cho Sushi Thrives in Lakeway and Steiner Ranch

John ChoJohn Cho did not aspire to run a sushi bar or Japanese restaurant. His brother David was the cook in the family (and a damned fine one at that all the way back to Midori Sushi). John headed to New York to make his mark in the tech/finance world  Continue Reading »

The PoK-e-Jo’s Back Story

PoK-e-Jo’sDanny Haberman and Doug Bohne are two very unpretentious guys who have a fierce passion for the BBQ business. They have nurtured and guided the growth of PoK-e-Jo’s through a tough beginning to their current success with multiple Austin  Continue Reading »

Crepe Crazy Set to Launch in Dripping Springs

Crepe CrazyCrepe Crazy, the popular trailer and winner of the 2013 Dripping with Taste Festival, is going brick and mortar. I stopped by yesterday to the location next to Oak Creek Cafe on Highway 290W in Dripping, and asked to speak to the owner. The  Continue Reading »

People, Places and Dishes in Austin: Our Favorite Photos

The Austin dining scene is a blend of diverse dishes, personalities, and that unmistakable vibe that characterizes the River City. This photo essay is a composite of some of our favorite views of the people and the dishes that make Austin unique. All  Continue Reading »

An American Success Story: Francisco Cortez and Santa Catarina

Francisco CortezThere is a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Lakeway featuring interior and coastal Mexican cuisine. It’s one of my favorites, and it’s called Santa Catarina. But the most fascinating aspect of Santa Catarina is the back story  Continue Reading »

Kit Kat Named Most Influential Candy Bar

Gimme a BreakI know that news has been suffering from the “Olympics vortex” lately, but what a reach for Time Magazine to publish a piece on the 13 most influential candy bars of all time. What blows my mind is the winner: I immediately thought  Continue Reading »

It’s Cold Out: Time for Rob’s Favorite Soups

I must admit that given the unseasonably warm weather we experienced for most of this year, I was less inclined than normal to indulge in one of my true food passions: great locally-made soups. But now that it’s gotten a bit colder, my taste buds  Continue Reading »

The Most Influential Restaurants in Austin

We are blessed with many fine restaurants in Austin. But among that group there are a few that stand out as being the trend setters for other restaurants. You know: the places local chefs and aspiring restaurateurs really pay attention to. Congress Chef  Continue Reading »

Shandeez on Anderson Mill: Distinctive Persian Cuisine

If you have a occasional craving, as I do for Middle Eastern cuisine, then you should try Shandeez on Anderson Mill. For starters the Hummus is smooth and nicely textured, and the Tabouli has a very fresh flavor and is not too spicy (as can sometimes  Continue Reading »

Restaurants I’d like to Have Back for Christmas

I was thinking about some of my favorite former Austin restaurants the other day, and how much I’d like to see them back in operation as a foodie Christmas present. C’mon Santa, make some magic happen and bring these back! In no particular  Continue Reading »