Cantine on South Lamar Closes

Posted by on May 21, 2017 in Closings
Cantine Restaurant on South Lamar Austin, Texas

Cantine on South Lamar

I’ve always been an Emmet Fox fan (the force behind Austin restaurants Asti and Fino) and I really enjoyed his latest venture, Cantine on South Lamar. But Cantine has now gone dark, and frankly I’m not surprised.

South Lamar bears virtually no resemblance to what it looked like five years ago. There are simply too many higher end restaurants forcing quality spots like Cantine, Olivia, aRoma and others to either close or rethink concepts.

We last ate at Cantine on a Wednesday night. The Carbonara was delicious, but there were only two other tables occupied.

I rest my case.

Beware of developers run amuck. Austin has been through this before yet we never seem to learn from past overbuilding mistakes.

Cantine’s Emmett Fox