The Blind Cafe Heading to Austin Feb 22-24.

Posted by on Feb 21, 2017 in News

Taste. It’s subject to influence by many variables. But perhaps none more so than lack of vision.
That’s why I so much appreciate Rosh and his team and their traveling dinners in total darkness called The Austin Blind Cafe.
All cell phones must be off. No light of any kind allowed.
The dining is community style and features farm to market vegan and gluten free cuisine. The meal is designed by a local chef. For more info on food call 208 304 6476.
And the darkness can be unsettling. So much so that each diner is assigned a buddy. But as you get past the first ten minutes, your other senses, particularly taste begin to open up. If you can really listen to yourself and your dining companions, the entire process becomes remarkable.
Musicians will perform as well and that adds to the atmosphere.
All proceeds go to their charitable foundation. For tickets Google The Austin Blind Cafe. The event will be held The American Legion Post 76, 404 Atlanta, Ave, Austin, 78703