Billie Jean’s Burger Pub

Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in Reviews
6501 S Congress Ave #105
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 445-7484
Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm



Billy Jean's Burger Pub

Billie Jean’s Burger Pub

The area on S. Congress between Stassney and William Cannon has been arid to say the least with regard to decent places to dine.

Well thanks to the folks at Billie Jean’s Burger Pub at 6501 S. Congress that has changed. This is a burger, hot dog, and sandwich joint that. while open only a month and a half, has quickly ramped up into a must-go destination for that area.

The appetizers are good and getting better. The Beer Battered Mushrooms were good but a trifle greasy when I first tried them. On second taste, they were spot on. The Onion Rings are no less tasty.Another treat, albeit one with a relatively short shelf life is the Cheese Fries. Sloppy and gooey, as they should be, every bite is a pleasure. Just don’t linger too long over this one.

On the burger front, I have already developed a number of favorites. First begin with the roll. Their rolls are baked fresh each day and they make the burgers! I love the Billie Burger. It begins with a half-pound Angus burger covered with a very credible smoked brisket chili and all the usual accouterments. This is a meal and more! The accompanying fries are crispy and remind me of the Black Pepper fries at Opal Divines. For the more taste ambitious, the Moroccan Burger incorporates the wonder flavors of Harissa and also comes with a fried egg, goat cheese and baby spinach. This makes me years for a night in Casablanca!

The sandwiches at Billie Jean’s pack a wallop that can please even the most demanding. The BLT is a delight. The Applewood smoked bacon and the Texas toast round out these engaging flavors., The sandwich also travels surprisingly well. The Patty Melt is one of the best in town. It comes on the crispy side on marble Rye with melted Swiss cheese and killer caramelized onions with Russian dressing. This is a great sandwich in the restaurant or at home an hour later. And the freshness of the bread has a lot to do with that. Another treat is the custom Grilled Cheese sandwich. A variety of toppings are offered and every one of them brings something unique to the flavor.

And lest I forget the Hot Dogs. They are enormous, And covered with a gigantic slice of bacon along with onions and mustard, the roasted roll makes this one combustive treat. I like the regular dog as well without the bacon. Just onions, a little cheese, mustard, and again that fresh bun.

One complaint thus far and only one. WHERE ARE THE SHAKES?? Food this good needs a great shake. And I’m assured they’re on the way. Hope they come soon!

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