8212 Bar and Grill

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8212 Bar and Grill

8212 Bar and Grill

There are most certainly an abundance of fine dining options around Austin these days. We dined last weekend at one such spot: the 8212 Bar and Grill at Omni’s Barton Creek Resort and Spa in Westlake. There is a t to cross and an I to dot when it comes to this excellent restaurant. Like the adjacent Hill Country Dining Room, 8212 IS open to the general dining public and not limited to resort guests and club members. And that is good news.

The atmosphere is casual and comfortable. The food is quite simply superlative. Exec chef Andre Natera has crafted a menu that delivers on many levels and I’m pleased with all of them.

The Brussels Sprouts were crisp and exceptionally flavorful. Pristine flavors and nothing tricked up as can be the case with this dish. Kudos on this one. The Sautéed Carrots came next. An unusual but tasty preparation: a slightly charred flavor with a light pesto that had an abundance of mouth feel.

The PEI Mussels were plump and tasty in a light broth perfect for dipping our grilled slices of sourdough. The Smoked Beet Salad was another very interesting dish. The orange beets lay at the bottom of the arugula along with goat cheese which allowed the diner to toss with the vinaigrette. Beets are not my forte but my wife was quite pleased.

The Bruschetta was another very solid choice. The key was the wonderfully moist Burrata which blended beautifully with the tomatoes. Following that was the Heirloom Tomato Margherita Flatbread. Liked the nuances with this dish: the mozzarella, the olive oil and sea salt. One minor complaint was the flatbread needed more of a grilled texture.

The entrees were quite good. I had the Filet Mignon in a lovely jus with a side of thinly sliced buttered potatoes. The best way to go: medium rare plus of course. Exceptionally tender! My companion tried the Pappardelle Mushroom dish. The pasta was aldente and the oyster mushrooms with their dense texture were the perfect foil for the Pappardelle. Lovely flavors all around.

So if a pleasant night in the hills of Westlake appeals to you, then by all means visit the 8212 Bar and Grill. Open to the public: and the public should be delighted!

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