Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bo Theriot Assumes Controlling Interest in Soleil. Recruits Chef David Burton Sanchez from Apatite Café

David Burton Sanchez

This is a big story for the Lakeway area and for foodies all over Travis County.  Oasis owner Bo Theriot announced today that he has purchased a controlling interest in Soleil, the Mediterranean restaurant adjacent to the Oasis.

Soleil, which has been open for almost a year, had been helmed by famed Texas chef Robert Del Grande. But now David Burton Sanchez, owner of the very popular and eclectic Apatite Café at the Galleria in Bee Cave will gradually take the restaurant over and will be fully in place by December 1. Sanchez is an extremely talented chef with a passion for innovative cuisine and I can’t wait to see what he’ll do with this tastefully appointed restaurant at Theriot’s entertainment emporium.

Apatite Café will remain open through November at which point a final decision will be made as to its operation.