Friday, March 13, 2015

CR Surf & Turf

601 E. Whitestone Blvd. #200
Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 260-0600
Mon-Thu: 11am-9pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-9:30pm
Sun: 11am-9pm


CR Surf & Turf

While Cedar Park may have a multi-purpose auditorium that houses our hockey team, it does not exactly have a reputation as a mecca for finer dining. But what it does have is a darn good and surprisingly innovative restaurant on 1431 called CR Surf & Turf.

Surf & Turf is aptly named: although they do tend to come down a bit heavier on the “surf” side of the menu and that’s fine with me. I like their Gumbo which blends seafood and sausage and an accomodating roux. Nice aftertaste to this dish which suggests that they know how to do Gumbo. And the Shrimp and Crab cakes have a very pleasing flavor along with the requisite texture. This is a good choice. The Fried Crawfish Tails with black peppercorn jalapenos and onions have a zesty taste that doesn’t quit and I have trouble stopping eating them. Another really cool appetizer is the Lump Crabmeat Scampi. You don’t often see a crabmeat scampi but Surf and Turf pulls it off with aplomb! The flavors here are rich and irresistible.

Another great deal is the Shrimp Tacos. You get three for $8.99 and the red cabbage, pico de gallo, and avocado make the shrimp work well on a fresh corn tortilla. Add a little housemade cream sauce and voila!

Equally tasty is the Fish Sandwich. The fillet of cod is fried and served on an uber-fresh bun with american cheese and lettuce tomato. The first crunchy bite speaks volumes!

Moving on to the entrees, there’s a wide variety of choices on the seafood side. Just for the heck of it, let’s throw in a grilled Lobster Tail with garlic butter and cajun seasoning. I love the flavor of this, even if it doesn’t hail from Maine. And that’s saying something.

It may be a Rock lobster but done as well as this, it really doesn’t matter.

And how about some blackened or grilled Scallops? Either way works and the result is a palate pleasing dish that preserves the freshness of the scallops. I am also partial to the Stuffed Catfish Fillet. The homestyle crab stuffing strikes the right balance and enhances what is already a moist and flavorful dish.

Okay, I know you’ve been waiting for the turf part so let’s move on shall we? You can build your own black angus burger (a 1/2 lb.) for just $5.99. The burgers are very tasty and well, robust! And the steaks fill the bill as well. And the 8oz Flat Iron steak is beautifully grilled and thoughtfully priced at just $9.99. This is a great cut. Also tempting is the 12-oz ribeye for $15.99, The steak is nicely marbled and has a tenderness to it that the downtown steak joints would envy. And who can resist the classic Chicken Fried Steak? This is hand battered black angus beef and it is huge: did I tell you how big it was? And the flavor matches the size! Every bite is the real deal!

And if you just can’t decide on surf or turf, then get them both. The $16.99 platter let’s you choose one meat along with one fish entree with ample sides!

So who says that Cedar Park doesn’t have a dining scene? CR Surf and Turf is a dining scene unto itself. It’s worth the drive if youy don’t live in Cedar Park and if you do live here, then it’s a no-brainer!